WalletCon is the first conference entirely dedicated to the wallet experience


WalletCon is a one-day exploration of the theoretical questions and key innovations shaping tomorrow’s wallet experience, carried out with the visionaries and builders transforming ideas into reality.

As the gateway to web3 for people around the world, wallets are the key to mainstream adoption. For us to achieve that, however, advances in security, UX, and more need to be made — and the good news is that we’re getting there.


WalletCon will unpack the ideas and technologies disrupting the wallet experience for the better through four mini-tracks: security, identity, communications, and wallet UX.

Our mission is to improve the wallet experience so that we can onboard web3's first billion users.


  • Security
  • Identity
  • Communications
  • Wallet UX

1 day only

On March 1, 2023 in Denver, Colorado, the day before ETHDenver begins

500 attendees

Innovative thinkers and builders from across the wallet ecosystem, all in one place

35 speakers

Engaging panels and presentations on the newest developments in the wallet ecosystem



In the heart of Denver, on the eve of ETHDenver.

  • Date

    March 1, 2023 9am–5:30pm

  • Venue

    McGregor Square 1600 20th St, Denver, CO 80202, United States +1 720-907-1234

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